JavaFX Mobile 1.2 Developer Stack

by jan on July 25th, 2009

Finally the number of developers able to run JavaFX apps on real devices can grow significantly. On this year’s JavaOne only few lucky developers got their hands on the JavaFX Mobile Developer Phone (HTC Diamond) with JavaFX pre-installed. This week we are releasing a binary that works on any Windows Mobile powered phone. The binary is available for download at and although we tested it on HTC Diamond and LG Incite it will work to some extent on any Windows Mobile 6.x device. I think I do not need emphasize that this is a very important step for us. This Early Access of the Stack is tightly integrated with the rest of the SDK and enables direct deployment and testing of apps from out NetBeans with JavaFX tool suite. It also enables you to see how your apps will look like and behave on a real phone. The stack is far from perfect in some cases we already have code ready that will bring us massive performance improvements. Please go ahead and download this Early Access, try it on a phone or even the Windows Mobile emulator which is freely available from Microsoft.


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