JavaOne 2009 Wrap Up

by jan on June 12th, 2009

So this year’s JavaOne is over. Too bad, and also very good. It was a run I can tell you. We have done so much amazing stuff for this year’s that it almost seems impossible.

Mobile was all over the Keynotes! Just wow, really. So much exposure. The JavaME SDK (official blog) guys are very humble believe me and now very famous, I think they are buying new servers to make all those downloads possible and fast. And for JavaFX Mobile? I am almost loosing words when trying to express everything we have done in the past year.

We sold the Early Access version of JavaFX Mobile Developer Phone. It’s an HTC Diamond and even though the runtime on that device is not so awesome performance-wise I think it is still awesome that many JavaFX developers now have a chance to see their apps running on a real phone.

In our session me and Juraj were showing slides written in JavaFX and running on a hacked version of the Emulator (thanks Lubo!). It was amazing. The Emulator is great. Maybe to good, when compared to the device, but we are working on that too, trust me.

We have been also showing our Hardware acceleration bit. We have OpenVG back-end for JavaFX Mobile runtime since MWC, but it was more of a prototype then, now it is a first class citizen of our graphics framework. The most amazing was the Hardware Acceelerated JavaFX Mobile on HTC Diamond. That’s kick-ass stuff. It was made possible by the AmanithVG library from Mazatech (thanks, guys, looking to work with you more). And there are other ways being explored in the OpenGL area too.

I was just about ready to drop dead before this J1, quite a lot of stuff on my shoulders. But now a week after I feel recharged and filled with positive energy. There is some very interesting shifting here in the JavaFX team and beleive we are moving to something awesome (as always). And after some of those J1 meetings with HW vendors especially there are some many new toys to play with and made amazing stuff on that, well, I am very much looking forward to our next run.

Now back to prioritizing those JIRA Issues. And yes, if you find a bug, report it!

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